Global Pediatric Education Consortium

Training and Sustaining a Global Pediatric Workforce

1st Global Pediatric Summit

Pediatric leaders from more than 16 nations convened in Frankfurt, Germany on 17-19 July 2009, to discuss the potential for creating a global consortium of standard setting bodies.  Discussions centered around the potential creation of:

        1.  Core competencies for General Pediatrics
        2.  A common curriculum
        3.  Assessment tools for training programs
        4.  Physician certification processes

The group agreed to jointly pursue these ideals and to begin working with leaders worldwide to pursue strategic relationships with pertinent agencies such as the World Health Organization and UNICEF to accomplish this mission.

Frankfurt's "First Lady"
Frankfurt Germany

The Global Pediatric Summit convened at Frankfurt's "First Lady", the Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof, in the heart of the city's business district.  The ABP Foundation chose Frankfurt as the meeting venue due to its central location globally and ease of travel for meeting participants. 

Participants of the Global Pediatric Summit traveled from five continents and 16 countries, including representatives of the European Union and the Arab States.

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The following links will provide access to materials and presentations from the meeting in Frankfurt. 

Slide Presentations (Power Point)
Dr. Jean Robillard -
From National to Global Competence
Prof. Alfred Tenore - Current State of Pediatrics in the European Union

Meeting Materials (MS Word/pdf)
For the complete
meeting agenda
View meeting participant Biographical Sketches
Global standards concept paper