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GPEC Workshop on Pediatric Training in Peru

GPEC continues promoting the Global Pediatric Curriculum as an official training standard in the Latin-America community. The meeting held recently in Lima is an example of this new perspective. Dr. Dioclécio Campos Jr. (GPEC, Chair) met at the Peruvian Pediatric Society (SPP) offices with Dr. Eduardo Paredes Bodegas, the representative of the General Director of Gestion and Development of Human Resources of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Claudia Ugarte Taboada, the President of the Peruvian Society of Pediatrics (SPP), Professor Abel Salinas Rivas, and the Past-President of the SPP, Professor Maria Isabel Rojas Gabulli, to discuss the possibility of developing a Memorandum of Understanding to incorporate the Global Pediatric Curriculum into the Peruvian residency training programs.

The President of the SPP discussed the characteristics and perspectives of the Peruvian medical residency in pediatrics, indicating a solid identification with the objectives of the GPEC Vision and its Global Curriculum of Pediatrics. The representative of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Eduardo Paredes Bodegas, highlighted the difficulties of the medical residency of pediatrics in Peru and the changes that must be made in order to improve the quality of training, endorsed the initiatives proposed by the GPEC. On the other hand, the Director of the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) in Peru, José Antonio Hernández de Toro, mentioned the educational projects of that institution, emphasizing the Protocol of Intents signed between the GPEC and the OEI. Dr. Campos Junior presented a synthesis of the history of the Global Pediatric Education Consortium in the context of the globalization of human society and described the Global Curriculum of Pediatrics, detailing the methodology with which it was developed and implemented. Dr. Campos also introduced the Primary Care Curriculum of Pediatrics, constructed by the European Confederation of Primary Care Pediatrics (ECPCP); the Primary Care Curriculum was developed by pediatricians in the European Union by extracting, from the GPEC Curriculum, the most integral components of primary care in the European Union in order to promote a Gold Standard for care in Europe. He also reviewed a number of advances being made in the countries of the Southern Cone and the new perspectives from the agreement signed with the OEI, all of which are focused on GPEC curriculum and standards.

The discussions were very constructive and served to clarify the determination of the Peruvian leaders to align with the objectives and standards of the GPEC. The next step will be the formalization of the Global Pediatric Curriculum as the standard for training in Peru by the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Campos (GPEC Chair)
Photo above from left to right: Herminio Hernández, Antonio Ognio, José Antonio Hernández, Maria Isabel Rojas, Dioclécio Campos Júnior, Danitza Fernández, Gloria Ubillus, Eduardo Paredes, Wilfredo López, Juan Raúl Seminario