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The Global Pediatric Curriculum is an exhaustive outline of Skills, Procedures, and Patient Care Knowledge that can be used to create local training materials!  View & Download

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Dr. Harish Amin Honored
GPEC Director and Member-at-Large was recently awarded a national award from the Royal College (see more).  Congratulations Dr. Amin!

Meetings with Peruvian MoH and 
Society Leadership

Dr. Dioclecio Campos Junior (GPEC, Chair) met with representatives of the Ministry of Health of Peru and the leaers of the Peruvian Pediatric Society to engage in discussions around adoption of the GPEC Curriculum and Standards for Training (October 2017).  Click here for details.

GPEC Agreement with Organization of
Ibero-American States (OEI)
The GPEC and the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) have entered into a formal agreement to partner around educational iniatives in the Latin community.  At the GPEC offices in Brasilia, Brazil, officers of both organizations signed an intention of protocol document on April 25, 2017, as the first step in this new initiative.  Click here to see the letter of intention and images from the signing ceremony.

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We began discussing the feasibility of global standards for training and assessment.  If this were possible, through collaboration with the global pediatric community, the outcome could be a dramatic improvement in the quality of care we provide to the world's children.

 --Dr. Alfred Tenore
   Founding Chair, GPEC

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Secretarial and infrastructural support is provided by contributions from Delegate Organizations.  GPEC is looking for major donors to help us continue the work of training the world's pediatricians.  Contact us to help.